Why must a new client book online? 

Absolutely not! We would never administer any oral medicines of any kind to your pet. However, if you feel that your pet may need a light sedation, to take the edge off, you should discuss that with your veterinarian. NEVER give your pet any type of sedation without OUR prior knowledge. Oral sedation can make some pets feel more vulnerable and less in control and actually make them more inclined to bite. NEVER administer antihistamines to your pet prior to grooming. Keep in mind that while they can calm some animals, others may have the opposite effect and be highly agitated for grooming. If your pet needs to be sedated by your veterinarian by use of injections, we can work with your vet to arrange a time to groom your pet directly at the veterinary office of your choice. This way we can monitor your pet and provide immediate assistance if assistance is necessary. 

Update: With owner's permission, we have begun to experiment with the use of CBD oil for some of our nervous or anxious cats. CBD oil is an over the counter oral drop that can help to relax a nervous cat. We have seen improvement in 95% of the cats that we have used this with. We do not use this for our sakes. We do not really care if we get shredded.  We do want each cat to have the best experience that it can have. We WILL NOT give CBD oil without your permission. We will let you know if your cat might be a candidate for CBD oil. It's not that we give it out like candy. We groom a lot of cats that love to be groomed but because of our experience and expertise, we groom a high volume of cats that have been declined for service by other grooming shops. Sometimes we are their last resort before veterinary sedation.  CBD oil contains no THC. We are currently using 90mg CBD oil from www.treatibles.com. If you have any questions about CBD oil, feel free to contact us. 

What kind of cat won't you groom?

Can I help with holding of my cat?

Can I stay with my pet during the grooming?


We realize that there are emergencies. When an appointment is missed that is a substantial loss of our income and time that can never be replaced. It also takes an appointment away from someone who may have needed it. Every year groomers lose 10% - 30% of their income to missed appointments. It needs to stop. No, it's not all about the money, but we can't pay our bills with apologies either.

Clients who no show/no call must always book future appointments online only. There is a cancellation fee of 50% of the base price of the groom. 

We are accepting new clients until the spring. New customers must book their first appointment online. This is because there are people who will call every grooming shop in the area and make appointments, only showing up to one and not cancelling the others. We are a VIP grooming shop and only groom one cat at a time. Because of this, we lose a substantial amount of money when clients don't show. Think of us as an exclusive restaurant with only 1 table. If a reservation is made and the party does not show, we can't seat anyone until the next party comes in. Booking your first appointment on-line and securing it with a credit card is our way of ensuring that customers we have never met before are committed to keeping their appointment. You have up until 24 hours before the appointment to cancel or reschedule without being charged. 

We will not groom illogical, frantic, or extremely stressed cats. These pose too high of a risk of injury to the cat and to the groomer. If your cat is exhibiting telltale signs of stress, we will immediately stop grooming it. We make every effort to provide the safest, most stress free environment for your pet. Some cats are completely relaxed during the grooming process and the younger they are acclimated to the process the better. Some cats are stressed during the grooming process which can lead to the exacerbation of underlying medical conditions. If we think your cat is one of those at risk, we will stop the grooming process. We would recommend mini-sessions to further desensitize your cat to grooming.

Will you sedate my pet?

What is your cancellation policy?

If the cat is aggressive, we need individuals who have been specially trained to help groom difficult cats. Even the smallest cat bite can lead to terrible infection and possible hospitalization for the groomer, which would result in loss of income. Cat bites can also cause nerve damage that can lead to inability to work. If you would like to hold your non-aggressive pet, you will need to sign a waiver in the case that you are injured.

Cat Around Town Grooming

We do let owners stay with their pets during the grooming. We LIKE for the owners to see how their pet is treated and how thorough the grooming process is. Because a full groom can take 1-3 hours, most owners opt to head back home or take advantage of Waterfront Shopping. Our shop is located 15 minutes from the Waterfront in Homestead. Shopping is also available in the Village Shopping Center where we are located. The Thrift Store is a popular spot. Owner, Justine Cosley recently opened an ice cream/coffee store named "Black & Cold Creamery" directly next to Cat Around Town grooming, so that those individuals who have far to come can stop for a bite to eat or grab a 'cuppa.