We are currently accepting new clients but all new clients must book their first appointment online. This is to decrease the number of "no shows". Your credit card will only be charged if you don't show up for the appointment. Our no show fee is 50% of the booked groom. 

We are not accepting new customers on Saturdays. We work every 3rd Saturday and these days are generally pre-booked by our existing customers. 

We do not have "corporate" hours. We are a family operated small business. We have one groomer and one apprentice. We groom all cats one at a time (unless we are grooming cats from the same family) Grooming is a very physical job. Our bodies are our most used tool and we work the hours that we do not wear out, or cause stress to our most used tool. 

We do add hours and days in the spring, as this is our busiest season. 


  We know that we can be hard to get a hold of by telephone...

For this and other reasons, we are now accepting online booking.

- All appointments must be accepted by Cat Around Town. Your time slot choice will either be accepted or declined. You will receive notification of this. 

-By inputting your email and phone number, you will also receive an email and text reminder for your appointment. 

-You can reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment if you must change it. 

-Anyone who no show/no calls once MUST book future appointments online. We understand that their are emergencies, but as we do VIP one on one service, we cannot  afford to lose time or money. 

Cat Around Town Grooming