Will you groom older cats?

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My cat has fleas. Can you De-Flea it?

Absolutely! Provided that the cat has had a physical exam by a veterinarian within 1 year of the grooming session. This is to ensure that the cat has no detectable history of heart problems. The owner of cats over 10 years old must sign our Release  form. While we try to provide the safest, most stress free environment for your cat, anything can happen. However, our groomer has years of experience with older cats, and grooms older cats on a regular basis. The oldest cat we have groomed was a 23 year old Domestic long hair, with no incidence. 

    We hate fleas. We also do not believe in the efficacy of flea shampoos or the safety of "dips". All flea shampoos say to "keep out of eyes" or "keep away from face", so what you have are fleas running across the face and hiding in the ears. Flea shampoos do not have any residual effects. They will only kill while they are on the pet, so as soon as you take that cat back home, the fleas will jump right back on the cat. 1 female flea can lay 10,000 eggs.  Dips may have a 2 week residual effects, but usually contain potent pesticides. Will all the advancements in flea control, there is no need to bathe or dip a cat,* for the purpose of controlling fleas*. We highly recommend ADVANTAGE, or capstar, *along with a spray for your home*.

     Now, if a cat comes in with a few fleas, we WILL use a flea shampoo on the body, and a natural flea shampoo on the face. This is so that we do not transfer fleas to the other pets in the shop. Please use advantage or capstar prior to your grooming appointment. You don't want fleas in your home...and we don't want them in our shop.     In addition... Do NOT go out and buy anything with the word "spot" in the name. Just because it comes in a tube and goes between the shoulder blades, does NOT mean, it is the same stuff the veterinarians sell. We can not stress this enough. There have been many, many reports of over the counter flea medicine making cats sick, and i have seen 2 cats have seizures after having these pet store products used on them.