Cat Around Town Grooming

Our GROOMER, Justine, will be on vacation from June 18th - July 5th. Her apprentice, Amanda will be in on Tuesday and Wednesdays during this time to do any grooming that does NOT INCLUDE a haircut. She can do bathing, drying, nails, and de-shedding on those kitties with a blue or green rating. These appointments are NOT available online and you must call the shop for an appointment with Amanda. We are not accepting new clients until after July 5th. 

Cat Around Town  is a  grooming shop that caters to cats.  Many cats live with dogs; Unfortunately, the dogs they are quartered with in most grooming shops are not their dogs. Most cats are not social animals and being groomed next to an unfamiliar dog, the cats natural enemy, can be very stressful for a cat. Cat Around Town has a "No dogs allowed" policy. When possible, we groom cats one at a time, so that your cat is not even around other cats.

Our goal is to provide a calm relaxing environment for your cat so that it has the best possible grooming experience.