Cat Around Town Grooming

Cat Around Town  is a  grooming shop that caters to cats.  Many cats live with dogs; Unfortunately, the dogs they are quartered with in most grooming shops are not their dogs. Most cats are not social animals and being groomed next to an unfamiliar dog, the cats natural enemy, can be very stressful for a cat. Cat Around Town has a "No dogs allowed" policy. When possible, we groom cats one at a time, so that your cat is not even around other cats.

Our goal is to provide a calm relaxing environment for your cat so that it has the best possible grooming experience. 

We generally only take new customers between January and March* because we are booked out for 4-6 weeks between April through December. From April to December we only take new customers BY VETERINARY OR GROOMER REFERRAL ONLY.  This means that the cat must have a behavioral or medical issue that is best suited for a feline only environment, or that can not be groomed at a veterinary office due to advanced age or has been refused by another groomer because of aggression.

We are not busy because we groom a  lot of cats. We are busy because we only groom 1 cat at a time and will will not "over book". When we do accept new customers it is for DAYTIME appointments only. Our evenings and Saturdays are pre-booked months in advance by regular customers. 

When we first started grooming, we were one of the only salons grooming cats. Since we began, a few of the other groomers in the area have become certified in cat grooming through the same program that Justine is certified through. While we are the only FELINE EXCLUSIVE grooming shop in the area, you can search this link to find another Certified Feline Master Groomer in the area.

We only refer to other area Certified Master Feline Groomers as we know the training that they have gone through.