feline Exclusive Grooming


Justine Cosley is a authorized Trainer and Certifier for the National Cat Groomers Institute. She is very proud to be Member number 3.20.25. Justine was the 3rd groomer certified in the state of Pennsylvania, the 20th Groomer certified in the US, and the 25th groomer certified in the world by the National Cat Groomer Institute. 

It is HIGHLY recommended that students have completed NCGI online courses (especially Cat Grooming Basics or Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus) before coming to hands-on instruction. This is to maximize the time we can spend working on cats since you have already covered the background knowledge, viewed tutorials of each grooming service and (optional) started your certification written exams. Students or groomers wishing to perform training or certification should send photos that represent their current level of training or expertise. 

Cost of training is a per day rate, with a 50% nonrefundable deposit required to schedule. Remaining balance is due 10 business days prior to first day of training.

Dates are subject to availability. Groomers looking for training or certification should contact us 3-6 months before their desired dates. If you come to us, we are shutting down the shop to give you the one on one attention you deserve. We also need to arrange for certain cats to come in, based on your personal need for training or certification. 

Justine offers different types of training/certification

In my Salon: 

Shadowing: Free

Justine will allow any groomer to come to the shop and hang out and watch FREE of charge. Student will be expected to help with any restraint necessary and perform the duties of her assistant. 

 Bathing/handling at Cat Around Tow: $300/day 

This includes nails, nail caps, restraint techniques, cleaning ears and eyes, bathing and drying and comb out techniques. Students will not be using clippers. 

Personalized Private instruction (PPI) at Cat Around Town: $500/day

Practical Certification at Cat Around Town: $500/day + cat rental fee if applicable. Each cat rental is $75.00. If you are bringing your own cats, there is no fee for cat rental.  Cat Around Town only takes new/healthy customers one month a year. The rest of the time, C.A.T. grooming takes cats that are over 17 years of age, referred by a vet for a medical condition that another groomer would refuse it for or referred by a vet or groomer for a behavioral condition that another groomer or vet can not handle. Because of this, our Cat around town only has a very small pool of cats that are available candidates for student training or certification

In Your Salon: 

Personalize Private Instruction (PPI) :

As previously stated, Cat Around Town has a very small pool a feline candidates that would be acceptable to training and certification. For that reason and others Justine *prefers* to come to the groomer. Justine also understands how stressful it is to travel to an unfamiliar location and groom in an unfamiliar salon with unfamiliar cats. 

6 hours: $250/day + hotel/gas*

8 hours  $400/day + hotel/gas*

Practical Certification:

6 hours:  $250/day + hotel/gas*

8 hours:  $400/day + hotel gas*

*I have many friends and relatives in different areas. If I can combine training with a personal visit and I am able to stay with family or a friend in your area, there will be no hotel fee. If you let me know where your salon is, I can let you know if I have a friend or family member available to stay with.