All appointments must be accepted by Cat Around Town. Before we approve your appointment we check our physical appointment book to make sure there is no timing conflict. If we are closed when you make your appointment, it will be HELD for you but may not be approved until we are back at the business. Your time slot choice will either be accepted or declined. You will receive notification of this. It has to be manually done. If it is over a weekend you may not receive confirmation until the following week. 

-By inputting your email and phone number, you will also receive an email and text reminder for your appointment. 

-You can reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment if you must change it. 

Effective Immediately - We have a new cancellation policy. If your appointment is not cancelled 24 hours before your appointment or you no show/no call, you will have to pay the FULL PRICE (No tax)  for the appointment that was booked before being allowed to reschedule. We have always tried to keep our prices fair and to continue to do that, we can't afford to have repeated no shows or last minute cancellations. Because of the personal/individual service we provide, we are like a restaurant with 1 table. If you fail to keep your reservation and we do not have time to replace the appointment, we lose money. It's not the 1 missed appointment that effects us, it's the 6 or 7 throughout the week. IF we have enough notice we can try to fill the appointment from our cancellation list and we will be honest and let you know if we do. If we can fill the spot, you will not be charged. Please keep in mind that if you have an issue with this policy, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY, but any attempt to reschedule will be declined. 


Important update:

We will not be accepting any new customers for any reason. We will only continue to groom the cats of our current customers

Booking Tips:

-Any all over shave is booked as a Lion Cut

-Full Coat Grooms include Bath, Brush, De-shed, Nails and Ears. They include light trimming, but not a complete haircut. 

-A comb clip trims the hair of a long haired cat to the length of a short haired cat. It can not be done without a bath. It can only be done on cats with no tangles, knots or matting. 

- You do not have to book a grooming AND a nail trim separately. All Full Grooms include nail trims, unless requested by the owner for them NOT to be cut. The nail trim option is only for cats coming in JUST for nail trims. 


feline Exclusive Grooming