feline Exclusive Grooming


 All appointments must be accepted by Cat Around Town. Before we approve your appointment we check our physical appointment book to make sure there is no timing conflict. If we are closed when you make your appointment, it will be HELD for you but may not be approved until we are back at the business. Your time slot choice will either be accepted or declined. You will receive notification of this. It has to be manually done. If it is over a weekend you may not receive confirmation until the following week. 

-By inputting your email and phone number, you will also receive an email and text reminder for your appointment. 

-You can reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment if you must change it. 

-Anyone who no show/no calls once MUST book future appointments online. We understand that their are emergencies, but as we do VIP one on one service, we cannot  afford to lose time or money. If we do not receive 24 hours notice of cancellation there will be a charge of 50% of the price of the missed appointment. We understand that there are emergencies, and we do give our regular customers a pass the FIRST time that they miss an appt without 24 hours notice, however, we do have to enforce our cancellation policy after that.ere.


Due to high demand, we are not currently accepting NEW customers at this time, except by VETERINARY REFERRAL. These must be for age, illness or behavior related issues that would make other groomers not accept the cat. If the cat is over 16 or has a medical issue, you must have the referring veterinary hospital call us. If your cat has been turned away by another groomer for behavioral issues, you must have the other groomer call us. March - December are our busiest time of year so we only accept new customers in January and February. 

****Unfortunately, we have ***several people every day**** asking us to make exceptions for cats that do not fall into our guidelines.... just for them. We can not do this. Asking us to make an exception is not endearing, it is very frustrating. We hate to have to tell people no, but we just CAN NOT take every new customer so asking us to make an exception. Making an appointment for a new cat that does not fall into our guidelines, then wasting our time by having us have to text you about that appointment because you didn't read the instructions is very stressful. If you make an appointment for a new cat or ask us to make an exception for your healthy cat, we will add you to our DO NOT SCHEDULE list. 

We do not have "corporate" hours. We are a family operated small business. We have one groomer and one apprentice. We groom all cats one at a time (unless we are grooming cats from the same family) Grooming is a very physical job. Our bodies are our most used tool and we work the hours that we do not wear out, or cause stress to our most used tool. 

Booking Tips:

-Any all over shave is booked as a Lion Cut

-Full Coat Grooms include Bath, Brush, De-shed, Nails and Ears. They include light trimming, but not a complete haircut. 

-A comb clip trims the hair of a long haired cat to the length of a short haired cat. It can not be done without a bath. It can only be done on cats with no tangles, knots or matting. 

- You do not have to book a grooming AND a nail trim separately. All Full Grooms include nail trims, unless requested by the owner for them NOT to be cut. The nail trim option is only for cats coming in JUST for nail trims.