feline Exclusive Grooming


We are a unique, feline exclusive boarding facility. We only have *4* cat boarding suites so that we can ensure individual attention. Each room is monitored overnight by a camera. 

We are currently only accepting our OWN CUSTOMERS for boarding at this time. 

Catio Condos: 

The Catio Condos are located inside a 700 square foot cat playroom. Each Condo is 4 feet wide, 7 feet long and 8 feet tall. The Condos are separated by FRP, which can be removed to make a double condo (14 feet long) for larger families of cats. 

The Catio Condos are recommended for cats that DO NOT have issues with other cats. While each family of cats will be separated, they will see be aware of and see other cats. These condos are not recommended for Cats that become agitated or suffer from transferred aggression around other cats. Each cat family with be provided with access to the cat playroom. 

Single Condo Rental:

1 Cat:    $20/day

2 Cats:  $30/day

3 Cats:  No extra charge

Double Condo: 

1 Cat:    $40/day

2 Cats   $60/day

3 Cats:  No Extra Charge

Chat Noir Suite:

Our Chat Noir Suite has no windows. It is recommended for shy or nervous cats, or cats that are not use to seeing or being near other cats.  Cats staying in the Chat Noir Suite will be offered private playtime in the front lobby. 

1 Cat    $20/day

2 Cats  $30/day

3 Cats: No extra charge. 

3 story Condo

The 3 story Condo is a coated wire 3 story condo. It is recommended for only 1 cat at a time. 

1 Cat    $15/day - Discount will be given at the end of the stay. 

We will email you boarding instructions and a boarding contract 


Charges are doubled on Holidays. 


Over 14 days - 10% off total stay. 

Medications: There is no extra fee for cats that require medications during regular business hours but a $5.00 fee will be incurred for medications that need to be given during times when the shop is closed at this will require an additional visit by an attendant. 

Owner should provide litter, food, medicine. Owner may bring any item that makes the cat feel more comfortable so long as it is deemed safe to be left with the cat.